healthy woman ginger honey

Ginger Honey: Unlocking Nature's Health Secrets for a Vibrant You!

Looking for a natural remedy that can revolutionise your health and wellbeing? Uncover the benefits or ginger, turmeric and raw honey, read more here...
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BeeHype raw honey Great Taste Awards winners

We won two more Great Taste Awards

BeeHype's Salted Honey and Cacao honey - raw honey healthy alternatives to salted caramel and nutella spreads win Great Taste Awards 2022.
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BeeHype honey pure raw acacia honey cake

Easy NO-refined-sugar honey cake

Try this Peaches & Special Acacian honey cake with NO refined sugar. Here is the recipe so you can make it at home.
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Lessons from grandpa and his bees

My grandad and his bees... a six-decade love story that keeps on going to this day. Diado Gocho, currently 73 years young, cares for about 15 beehives...
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BeeHype Lavish Lavender raw Lavender honey great taste award winner

We won 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards

BeeHype Lavish Lavender raw honey wins 2-stars at the Great Taste Awards. Try this award-winning raw honey now.
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BeeHype recyclable eco friendly paper packaging

Why we use sustainable packaging

Here at BeeHype, we’re not only hyped about natural foods and delicious honey, we’re also hyped about the environment.
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What is raw honey - bee hives beekeeper in field

What is raw honey?

Honey is made naturally by bees and has many health benefits. Is raw honey good for you? Yes! Buy raw honey from BeeHype now. Shop online
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