Why we use sustainable packaging

Here at BeeHype, we’re not only hyped about natural foods and delicious honey, we’re also hyped about the environment. We try to apply the sustainability hype in everything we do, and our packaging is no exception!🍃

The Plastic Problem

Globally, we produce and use trillions of plastic materials like bubble wrap every minute. Though it takes more than 1,000 years for it to degrade, part of it breaks down into microplastics, that end up in the oceans, tap water, and even in our gut…

Most of them are really good at protecting products but none of them are good to the planet… So, from day one we decided we were not going to be a part of the problem, and plastic padding, even though more secure, was off the table.

BeeHype honey recyclable eco friendly sustainable packaging

The Sustainable Solution

Our sustainable packaging journey began with corrugated paper which sadly didn’t provide enough protection and resulted in, you guessed it, broken jars and a sticky mess. So we immediately started looking for better solutions and eventually, we found the one!

This 3D honeycomb-shaped packaging not only spoke to us (duh!), it’s also incredibly strong and offers a much more reliable protection. Mo even tested it with a hammer, yes a real one, but that’s a different story…

Thanks to the thousands of tiny hexagons made by 100% recyclable, eco-friendly paper your jar is protected and arrives beautifully wrapped.

Inspired by nature

Funny enough, the honeycomb-like shape of this packaging is not a coincidence, it’s inspired by nature’s very own beehives. Bees use hexagons for their hives because it’s the strongest shape that at the same time can contain the biggest amount of honey in it.

So, in a way we do the same. We preserve your honey jars in a honeycomb-shaped paper and send them safely to you! Want to test our sustainable packaging?

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