Special Acacian

100% pure raw acacia honey

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This premium crystal clear raw acacia honey will undoubtedly make any occasion special! It doesn’t matter if you’re a honey connoisseur or you enjoy just a little honey now and again, Special Acacian is a must-have in your kitchen cabinet 🍯

Its light sweet flavour has made it the go-to healthy sugar substitute for any recipe, dessert or drink 🍰

Special Acacian is a 100% pure raw honey, made in the splendid acacia forests of Bulgaria.

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Acacia honey is deservedly the most popular honey variety out there. Its subtle taste and golden colour have made it an all-time favourite sweetener. Special Acacian will inspire you to unleash your inner chef and elevate your favourite dishes!

In contrast to refined sugar, which can be harmful to your health, raw honey boasts many natural benefits due to its nourishing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals!

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