Lavish Lavender

100% pure raw lavender honey

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This luxurious lavender honey truly stands out⭐ It’s a Great Taste Awards 2-star winner which means judges thought it’s ‘above and beyond delicious’.

Unlike other products made of plain honey with an unknown source and infused with essential oil, our Lavish Lavender honey is made by bees from lavender blossoms.

Lavish Lavender is a 100% pure, raw and unfiltered honey from the lush lavender fields of Bulgaria.


Learn more about our Great Taste 2-star Award here.

Made by bees, not in a lab

You might not know this, but most lavender honey sold is actually plain honey infused with an oil extract from the flower. It might smell like a nice perfume, but it surely isn’t the real deal!

Our Lavish Lavender is made by bees who have collected nectar from real lavender blossoms. This natural process enriches the honey and leaves it with a distinct delicate floral scent and full-bodied taste.

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