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Raw acacia honey with chilli


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Move over boring condiments, BeeHype’s chilli hot honey has arrived! This sticky, sweet, and spicy treat is an all-natural blend of heavenly acacia honey and crushed Peperoncino peppers. 🌶️  Enjoy the classic sweet chilli sauce taste without all the refined sugars and preservatives inside! This sweet chilli honey is indulgent, healthy, and perfect for drizzling and dipping!

Chilli and honey work together really well to add a kick of flavour to your meals and satisfy your sweet-and-spicy cravings. Stir gently and drizzle this honey chilli sauce on pizza, roasted or grilled meats, fried chicken, Asian stir-fry recipes, cocktails, and more.

Medium heat level hot honey made in small batches.

Free from preservatives, refined sugar, nuts & dairy. Suitable for vegetarians.

What is sweet chilli sauce used for? To satisfy your sweet & spicy cravings!

If you’re a fan of sweet chilli jams and chutneys but not a fan of highly processed foods, high-fructose corn syrup, and refined sugar we got you covered! This hot honey is the secret ingredient to give any meal a kick of excitement.

We use exceptionally pure acacia honey from small apiaries in the pristine Dobrudzha region of Bulgaria and the finest Peperoncino red chilli peppers grown in the sunny valleys of Calabria to create this delicious hot honey full of flavour and essential vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants. 🍯

beehype ethical small beekeepers

Supporting small beekeepers

By enjoying our honey you’re supporting small beekeepers in pristine regions where bees forage on plants in lush forests and meadows.

Join the honey revolution!

Our honey will make you question everything you’ve had before! Join the honey revolution and hundreds of happy customers.

Once you try BeeHype honey you can’t go back!

BeeHype honey recyclable eco friendly sustainable packaging

Eco-friendly and sustainable

We care about the planet so we only use recyclable packaging for all our products. You can also recycle our jars or upcycle them by using them as mini plant pots or to store spices inside.

BeeHype craft raw honey recipes

Guilt free healthy treats

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants… Nature has so much goodness in store for you. Ditch processed sweets and enjoy a healthy and delicious alternative.

Our craft honey is seriously delicious, and versatile – have fun with it and see!

The honey industry hasn’t changed in years,

so we’re giving it a fresh new look with our craft raw honey and preserves!

Never processed, our award-winning raw honey comes straight from the hive and is seriously delicious.

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