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Award-winning gourmet honey for foodies, honey lovers and aspiring chefs! 🔥Vibrant flavours for every taste.

Raw honey made by our own small beekeepers in pristine regions away from pollution. 100% pure and natural, with no pasteurisation or additives. GLUTEN, DAIRY & NUT-FREE

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We have different varieties for every taste – if you’re a purist you will LOVE our rare Acacia honey with or without a honeycomb, the luxurious, floral lavender honey or our exquisite wildflower soft set honey. If you’re a foodie and you’re feeling adventurous try our award-winning healthy alternatives to Nutella, Salted Caramel, jams and sweet chilli sauce with a fraction of the calories, NO allergens like Gluten, Dairy or Nuts, no refined sugars, saturated fats or preservatives. Can’t decide? Get our raw honey taster set and try 5 of our unique rare honeys.

We’ve received rave reviews from chefs, foodies and honey lovers so we will think you will fall in love with our rare honey varieties too.

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Pure & natural